On the impossibility of multiverses

Quantum physics has given rise to wild theories of a multiplicity of universes and perpetual expansion of space, which make no logical sense in any natural sphere. But men have the capacity to obviate the most basic principles of life and nature to come up with ideas that are completely estranged from reality. This habit comes from our arrogant Western philosophic tradition, which basically speaking, likes to shock and subvert more than it likes to seek harmony with nature and with ourselves.

It’s impossible to reconcile the multiverse theory with the laws of nature that we see in action every day. Nature shows us that everything works in cycles and the apparent appearance and disappearance of new entities is just a change in their characteristics. It’s a no-brainer that the universe will cease to exist as such one day and it will come back into existence later on, the same as vaporized water falls back into the earth. We know of no entity that expands perpetually, and we know of no entity whose creation doesn’t imply the destruction of something else, so the idea of eternal expansion is senseless. The universe can only expand till the point in which it reaches is stretching limit; then it has to collapse or die out.

The idea of multiverses is even less rational. It’s more wishful thinking than an actual rational proposition. Multiverse only exist on our minds, and they’re the product of our imagination, which hypothesizes about other options. They live only in the imaginary realm and they have nothing to do with reality. Even if our psychic powers got so strong that we could change reality by imagining alternative realities, this realities would replace the existing one, thus precluding multiverses. Also, the idea of multiverses is actually the idea of perpetual creation, so it should rather be called: Perpetual creationism. Because new universes are formed by mere probability; they’re formed from inaction. This is plainly ridiculous, as there’s nothing such in nature. Only by obviating all the natural laws we know about, we can give a chance to a multiverse theory, and even in that case, there could be other more rational theories to account for quantum physics. The apparent scission between natural laws and quantum physics is just due to our limited observational capabilities. The universe is coherent by definition, so any breach in the reality continuum is just due to our lack of knowledge or sensory abilities.

by Juan Martin Sanchez


I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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