Second Chances



Miguel is an Argentinean young man living in Poland. His life becomes more intense when he meets Luiza, a girl whose idealistic views correspond to his. They’ll walk a romantic path together in a story full of Polish society and Argentinean historical and cultural background. The book is sprinkled with verses and short stories that add to the story. A hopelessly romantic book which is, however, imbued with realism and pragmatism. A twenty-first century love story full of life and color, and a reflection of life and everything that is worthy in it.

Comments from the author:

This is my third romantic book and at last I can be proud of the fact that I’ve developed a story and concluded a book. I didn’t choose my style; it chose me. And my first books were rather reflections on my environment, be it Argentina or Poland, disguised in the form of literature. This book is at least fifty percent fictional, but I still chose to make it as realistic as possible. Chapters about issues in Argentina, as well as my personal opinions on different subjects, pervade the book. I chose not to alienate myself from reality while writing; I chose to immerse myself in the world around me and get inspiration from it. I chose to write a book with socio-cultural meaning, and I hope I’ve achieved something in the end. A book full of opinion and idealism. A book for people who are interested to know the psychological reality of people living in the first world, but also of people seeking love in general.

To order it, please write to:

-PDF: Second Chances  168 pages (3 USD or its equivalent in Polish złoty)

Price (Shipment included):

-Paperback in Poland (30zł)

-Paperback outside Poland: Countries in the EU (9 USD)

-Paperback outside the EU:

-North America and Africa (10 USD)

-South and Central America and Asia (12 USD)

-Australia and Oceania (14 USD)


Bank account: Juan Martin Sanchez Bogado IBAN: PL66249010570000990037920012  -SWIFT code: ALBPPLPW)



I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.


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