The unlikely ones: The necklace

“Mr., are you not cold?”, said a woman in Polish to Agustin while he stood barefoot in the chilliness of November, outside his hostel. He didn’t understand Polish, but he was too lost in his own thoughts to pay attention… Continue Reading

The unlikely ones: Ewa the IMF leader and Charles the journalist

What if everything we knew about how the world works was dispensable? I’m not talking here about escaping reality by presenting an alternative world but about thinking the unthinkable, doing the undoable. This is what characterizes the commonplace heroes of… Continue Reading

On Capitalism, Socialism and Communism: Why Do We Struggle to Find the Balance? -by Kate Harveston

Imagine being there as the Berlin wall fell. Though it might seem like a long time ago, 1990 marked the latest sea change in Earth’s geopolitical climate cycle. Communism, arch-nemesis of democracy and the West, had lost. Or had it?… Continue Reading

Life’s predicaments- Chapter One: A rogue biography- by Juan M.S

Yes, I know, I know, who cares about Argentina? Who cares about petty stories full of sociohistorical drama and nostalgic memories? But please bare with me because I don’t know where to start from, so I should start from the… Continue Reading