How to publish your work

-If you want to publish your work, you just need to submit it to: or

-You can also send a link to your website, book or personal page and please send your pen name or signature. Please remark that only links are allowed, no hyperlinks.

-If the work fulfills literary minimum standards, it will be accepted. The accepted works written in English and Spanish are proofread for free before publication. You receive a copy of the corrections made in your text for your approval. The texts published in the other languages listed below are published directly if accepted or sent back to your for revision.

-Languages allowed: English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. I don’t accept works in other languages simply because I can’t assess them.

-The works are not expected to be perfectly written, only interesting or conveying some meaningful reflection, so don´t worry about mistakes. The acceptance of your work for publication depends rather on its content than on its form.

-You can also make points to earn a place in the section: publication by authors, which allows people to find your work by simply clicking on your name (3 points), to have your own author description in the section: Authors, with two links to your books or web pages allowed (+3 points), and to have your own book description with two links allowed (+3 points). Mind you that these steps are sequential, which means that your first 3 points earn you the right to be in the list of authors, the following 3 points give you and author descriptions and the last 3 points give you a book description. If you want another book description, you can earn 3 more points, and so on.

How to get points:

-Simply by publishing works. You get one point for a short story, essay or novel excerpt of at least 1500 words and a fourth of point for a poem of 80 words. If the poem is too short, it may be accepted as a fifth of a point, and the same goes to prose, if it’s less than 1500 words long, it will be accepted only as half a point or two thirds of a point. Points may also be taken off if the work is not well written or if it lacks literary value. Prose longer than 3500 characters is granted 2 points and, if it’s longer than 6000 characters, 3 points. Poems do not receive more than a fourth of a point, no matter their length.



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