The unlikely ones: The necklace

“Mr., are you not cold?”, said a woman in Polish to Agustin while he stood barefoot in the chilliness of November, outside his hostel. He didn’t understand Polish, but he was too lost in his own thoughts to pay attention… Continue Reading

The unlikely ones: Indira the justice maker

Justice had never been an option for her, but something that simply needed to be done. She hadn’t seen him for a long time, but her claim wasn’t time-barred. There was no statute of limitations for the kind of crime… Continue Reading

Argentina’s politico-economic woes: Neoliberalism against socialism

I’m just another uninformed Argentinean giving his opinion on the country’s economy. But who isn’t? I’ve read Marx, Stiglitz and watched economists all around the world trying to explain the reasons behind Argentina’s poor economic performance. The world unanimously agrees… Continue Reading

Epopeja generała-porucznika Johna Whitelocke

Historyczny fakt. W roku tysiąc osiemset szóstym i siódmym angielska armia próbowała podbić Buenos Aires i Montevideo, które były hiszpańskimi koloniami, ale które były bronione przez milicję mieszkańców, ponieważ Hiszpania miała dość kłopotów z Napoleonem. Wydarzenia te doprowadziły do rewolucji… Continue Reading