The boy and the dead frog- popular joke

A boy dragged a dead frog on a string till he got to a brothel.

Once inside, he said: -I want a woman.

The madame came and said: You’re too young to be here.

-How much for a girl?

-It’s 200zl, but you’re too young; we can’t serve you.

-I´ll give you 400.

-Well, you’re not that young after all. Pick one.

-Mmm, all of them look too clean. Do you have a dirty one?

-What do you mean a dirty one?

-You know, one with an STD, that it gets itchy and raw.

-What the fuck! My girls are all clean! And STD’s are contagious. What do you want a girl like that for?

-You don’t have one? Then I’ll go somewhere else.

-Wait a second. W may have one. Stinky! Come and attend to this client.

So the boy went with the girl and closed the deal. When he was leaving, dragging his dead drog on a string, the madame stopped him. She needed to know.

-Boy, the next time is on the house, but please tell me. What’s with the dead frog? And why the girl with an STD?

-OK, I´’ll tell you. Tonight my parents will be out and I’ll be left with the nanny. She likes younger boys, so there you have it.

-And you’ll give an STD to your nanny? Why?

-Yes, because then my parents will get back and my father will take the nanny home. And he likes younger girls, so, there you have it.

-Now you’re father gets an STD? I don’t understand.

-Yes, because eventually my parents will have sex, so , there you have it.

-What? you’re mother now?

-Yes, and my father will go to work, and my mother stays home. And the postman will come so, there you have it.

-The postman also gets an STD?

-Yes, and that’s the asshole who stepped on my frog.



I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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