The parrot- Humorous story

A rich man had everything: A big mansion, stables and a beautiful wife, but the thing he loved the most was his parrot. Once he called his servant and told him: I need to go to town for a couple of days. Please take care of everything, specially of my tropical parrot. He eats special food and please make sure he always has water.

-Don’t worry, Master- and he left.

When he came back he called the servant and asked him: Everything in order?

-Yes, Master.

-And the parrot?


-What do you mean dead. What happened?

-You see, Master, when you give raw horse meat to animals, sometimes they get ill and die.

-Horse meat! Why would you give horse meat to my parrot?!

-You see, Master, when there are many dead horses around, you need to do something with the meat.

-Dead? My race horses? How in hell did it happen?!

-You see, Master, when horses run the whole day, sometimes they overheat and die.

-But why were they running the whole day?

-You see, Master, when there is a fire, the best way to carry water to try to put it out is on horses.

-A fire?! What got on fire?

-You see, Master, when a candle falls by accident on a curtain, it lights the curtain and sometimes the whole house.

-My house!? But why did you light candles? There’s electricity!

-You see, Master, during a wake it’s customary to use candles.

-A wake?! Who died?!

-You see, Master, when someone enters the house at night, you shoot first and ask later, so I shot your wife.

-My wife! What did you do! What did you do!

-Ok, so much fuss for a stupid parrot.


I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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