The writer- poem

I don’t want to amuse you, I’m not your sarcastic clown,

things are either funny or not.

I don’t want to inform you, I have nothing to say

about politics or how the economy works.

I want to give opinion, personal, uninformed

about the million ways to be unhappy,

about this girl I saw last evening, this dream I had this morning,

this opportunity I will let pass tomorrow.

Once I went to McDonalds with a girl, just to get some free Wi-Fi

and she said I should order something.

I didn’t; I’m a writer. I don’t eat at fancy fast foods,

I prefer a kebab stall in the middle of the street, but I also know

that if I throw a ball, my lapdog will always try to catch it.

I live downtown and have windows to the ceiling. My flatmates

like to shut the curtains, so neighbors won’t see,

but I’m a writer; I don’t like curtains; I open them all,

I prefer plain sight, but I also know

that loneliness is not the bane of society but the source of all inspiration.

Once I heard a girl tell too much about herself in a poetry slam,

and I felt embarrased for her; I’m a writer, I talk about everyone

even when I talk only about myself, but I also know

that sometimes I feel the urge to write something,

the most nonsensical stuff, and share it with the whole world.

Once I moved from Argentina, and I haven’t traveled much since.

I’m a writer, I don’t need to go anywhere;

I just need somewhere to stay, but I also know

that cats fall always on their feet, but if you throw

a slice of bread with jam to the air, it will always fall on the jam.

I have a stable job and no girlfriend; it feels wrong

getting back home after sacrificing eight hours of my life

for no one but me, but I also know

that Hitler may have escaped to Patagonia in Argentina and it’s a place

I would also choose to end my days

after I’ve done enough damage to the world.

Once I met a witness, then a Baptist, both tried to convert me

and I befriended them. I’m a writer, I don’t adhere to anything for longer than it takes

to read a new book; though I can relate to anyone, but I also know

that crocodiles are sexist; a crocodile embryo will always be female

unless the temperature in the nest is perfectly warm.

Once I wrote these verses in a retro bar, with a pen

borrowed from the waitress, my friend said she seems lesbian,

but I said that maybe she just has bad taste in haircuts, but I also know

that two rabbits plus two cats is four, unless the rabbits are eaten

or they have kittens before the final count.

Once I went to dance and the girl I went with told me

That I dont know how to dance only for fun.

I`m a writer, I know dancing is a socially accepted mating ritual,

I am not oblivious to the instinct behind this all, but I also know

That everyone likes eating steak, but there`s only a few

who would have the guts to go and kill the cow.

Once I found a cassette and my friend wondered what it had recorded,

I’m a writer, I threw it away and finished this poem, but I also know

that I’m just a guy with a borrowed pen, and sometimes it is nice to stop

and spend some time doing silly stuff, like listening to music,

building up a civilization or hanging out with a friend.

by Juan M.S


I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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