Stories of romance, society and madness

A young Argentinian philosopher incites a surreal revolution in the Congo. Amid mosquito bites and murderous ethnic conflict, can he ever hope to inspire and unify his comrades? Can he help forge a genuine political and economic change in this country?

Youthful hearts are enmeshed in a tangle of complex love lives. But will hasty, passionate decisions have the power to entwine fates even decades later?

An intriguing collection of novellas and short stories, Romantic Stories of Society and Madness shows us the pain and bliss of love, the evil and violence that hide in every heart, and the struggles of modern men and women to cope with their chaotic, ever-changing world.

This is a collection of short stories written in 2016. I have written other short stories since then, which means that I’m ready to replace some of the stories that don’t fulfill your expectations with other, more adequate stories.

I want to dedicate this book to dear Poland, the country which gave shelter to my body while my spirit ran wild.

Index of the book in PDF format (the printed version has 130 pages):

The Congolese Dawn

Part One: Marcio El Pucho Aguirre. Chapter One: The interview (page 4)

Chapter Two: The beginnings (page 5)

Chapter Three: Like sheep to a shepherd (page 6)

Chapter Four: The day after (page 8)

Chapter Five: The consolidation of forces (page 9)

Part Two: The story telling. Chapter One: The empanadas (page 12)

Chapter Two: Bedtime story (page 13)

Chapter Three: The walled door (page 17)

Chapter Four: Blank pages (page 19)

Chapter Five: Political commitment (page 20)

Chapter Six: The published author (page 22)

Weaning Charlie (page 24)

Part Three: The war on capitalism. Chapter One (page 26)

Chapter Two (page 28)

Chapter Three: The Congolese War (page 29)

Chapter Four: The sin of being rich (page 30)

Chapter Five: Marcio’s diary (page 31)

Tangled stories. Chapter One: Manuel and Nadia (page 32)

Chapter Two: On the origin of the universe (page 33)

The Universe (page 34)

The human factor: consciousness (page 35)

Speed of light (page 36)

Chapter Three: Marina (page 37)

Chapter three: Elio and Valentina (page 38)

Chapter Five: Manuel and Nadia (page 39)

Chapter Six: Marina (page 41)

Chapter Seven: Elio and Manuel (page 43)

Chapter Eight: Valentina and Manuel (page 43)

Chapter Seven: Marina (Page 44)

Chapter Ten: Manuel and Nadia (page 45)

Chapter Eleven: Elio and Valentina (page 47)

Chapter Twelve: Manuel and Nadia (page 48)

Chapter Thirteen: Marina (page 50)

Chapter Fourteen: A flashback from Manuel’s romantic life (page 51)

Chapter fifteen: Manuel and Valentina (page 53)

Chapter sixteen: Manuel and Marina (page 54)

Chapter seventeen: Elio (page 55)

Chapter Eighteen: Manuel (page 56)

Chapter Nineteen: Manuel and Ela (page 57)

Chapter Twenty: Valentina (page 58)

Chapter Twenty-One: Marina and Valentina (page 59)

Valentina and Elio (page 60)

A dream and its interpretation (page 61)

Three days in heaven (page 62)

Love and innocence (page 63)

On love and other demons (page 65)

Tejerina’s horror (page 66)

A perfect love story (page 68)

The fake glasses (page 71)

The perfect romantic story (page 72)

The perfect crime (page 75)

A real woman (page 76)

The little prince (page 78)

My parents are alive (page 81)

The extra finger (page 83)

The woman who woke up on a different day (page 85)

Stopover in Frankfurt (page 86)

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I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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