The SMS- by Juan M.S.

She’d never had such a feeling before. It was a mix of melancholia and resignation. She felt that her relationship was going nowhere; although everything was well between her and her boyfriend. She felt attracted to him, physically and spiritually, and he showed her he cared about her. There was no reason to feel as she was feeling, but she did.

She was used to resorting to her cellphone every time she felt down; it was a conditioned reflex from years of cellphone ownership. Now, most of women are aware of the power of words and they wouldn’t just text everything that crosses their mind, as they wouldn’t always speak their minds during a conversation. But she did. She was very sensitive and her feelings sometimes overwhelmed her. At those moments, she needed to let them out in some way or other. When she was home, she cooked, painted, did yoga, took a bath, talked to a friend, watered her plants, went jogging, listened to music, watch films or many other things, but now she was at work and she couldn’t even focus on it. The feeling was so overwhelming.

She grabbed her phone and decided to write everything down in a single message addressed to her boyfriend. She started by “How’s the day treating you?”, but she changed it for “Hi, how’s work?” in the end she made up her mind for “Hi Lucas, I need to talk to you.”

She went on pooing out her feelings. All her disappointment accumulated from previous experiences; her lack of enthusiasm about their relationship; her doubts and apprehensions. She ended the message by stating that she wasn’t sure how to go on with it all and whether it was a good idea to do something halfheartedly. She sent the SMS which by now had become a MMS, but it didn’t go through. She tried again, but it wouldn’t be received by his instant message service; it felt like censure, as instant messaging was just supposed to take care of inane messages about nothing, which led nowhere, and now that she had something urgent to say, it just wouldn’t allow her to. She was on the verge of throwing her phone with all her might towards the nearest wall, when she realized that she’d got an SMS.

 “How’s your day at work?” it read, “Hard as usual?” It was him; he had no idea of what was going on in her mind at the moment, but he’d casually written to her as he did sometimes, when she less expected them. This reminded her of his constant attentiveness and considerateness towards her. She was his priority and she knew it very well. She answered: “I’m having a rough day” to sum up all the things she’d said before. “I’ll make it up for you tonight, if you want to come over.” She wanted. She’d already forgotten everyhing she’d written; it was irrelevant. The only thing she felt now was the need to see him and compensate him for everything she’d said about their relationship. She’d rushed to conclusions and mixed her personal issues with her relationship with him. Fortunately she had nothing to explain to him. She’d just enjoy a nice and lighthearted evening that would renew her strengths. 


I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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