Juan Martin Sánchez

I’m an Argentinean writer whose books touch upon love, society and the meaning of life in a romantic realist style inspired by Dostoevsky and Tagore. My novels are set either in Argentina or Poland, where I have lived, and they are full of personal experiences and insights about life disguised in literary form. I’ve published the novels: Love in the Time of the Internet,Tribulations of People in the World and Second Chances, as well as some short stories and miscellaneous articles which are available on the blog: Random Reflections on the World.

To get one of the novels in PDF for 2 dollars or a paperback copy, please send an email to soy_juanma86@yahoo.com

Paperback prices (shipping cost included):

Second Chances: 26zl (Poland), 9 dollars (rest of the world).

Love in the Time of the Interner: 30zl (Poland), 10 dollars (rest of the world).

Tribulations of People in the World: 30zl (Poland), 10 dollars (rest of the world).

For comments, you can find me on Facebook: Juan Martin Sanchez


I'm a writer born in Argentina, but currently living in Poland. I work as an English and French teacher, translator and copywriter.

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