Juan Martin Sánchez

juan martin sanchez writer

Juan Martin Sánchez is an Argentinean writer whose books touch upon love, society and the meaning of life in a romantic realist style inspired by Dostoevsky and Tagore. His novels are set either in Argentina or Poland, where he has lived, and they are full of personal experiences and insights about life disguised in literary form. He’s published the novels: Love in the Time of the Internet,Tribulations of People in the World and Second Chances, as well as some short stories and miscellaneous articles which are available on the blog: Random Reflections on the World.

To get one of the novels in PDF for 2 dollars or a paperback copy, please send an email to soy_juanma86@yahoo.com

Paperback prices (shipping cost included):

Second Chances: 26zl (Poland), 9 dollars (rest of the world).

Love in the Time of the Interner: 30zl (Poland), 10 dollars (rest of the world).

Tribulations of People in the World: 30zl (Poland), 10 dollars (rest of the world).


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